"My side-stand's fallen off"


"Make Motorcycling Great Again!"

(The Donald)

We've been down here for coming up to 16 years now and we're into our 14th year of running these biking days. If you're fed up with the congestion on Britain's roads, fed up with the weather and fed up with the sheer impossibility of having any FUN anymore, then come down and see us. We'll take you out over FOUR full days of riding to cover a total of 1,200 kms of some of the best roads you will ever ride down. In the evenings you'll be treated to a gastronomic feast while listening to your new friends bang on about their suspension settings. And all this for the price of a trackday ('s now a post-Brexit October 2016 and so it would probably be more accurate to say "...all for the price of a 2nd-hand Trabant") Never mind, you can't take it with you... Come on, come on, whatever level you're at with your riding it will improve. 


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