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How we ride!

The whole point of the weekend is for you to have FUN. You won't have that if you feel that you're obliged to gallop along at a rate that you don't feel comfortable with, neither will you if you feel that you're dawdling along and have a need for speed...

Groups inevitably are made up of riders with varying levels of competence and/or desire to ride quickly. We can cater for all types of rider by applying the "Drop-off system" This is not complicated but I've managed to make it appear so in the following explanation. Read it carefully as you'll be quizzed on it once you eventually arrive here...

The system requires a leader (that's ME!), a tail-ender, and the riders (you!).

The LEADER - is familiar with the route, and hopefully follows it. I will carry a mobile in case of problems on route..
The RIDERS - at any point the route deviates from the strip of tarmac in front, the first bike behind the leader will stop on the junction in a prominent place to mark the way (he then becomes the JUNCTION MARKER). He will stay there until the tail-ender arrives. Meanwhile the group all move forward one, so number three, becomes number two, behind the leader, and so will mark the next junction.
The marker can then work his way carefully back towards the front. Overtaking is fine, but please be careful and courteous!
The TAIL-ENDER - is ideally familiar with the route also, but doesn’t have to be. They will stay at the back for the entire ride and will be pointed out at the beginning of the ride. They may wear a fluoro vest to make them obvious, or have an effected walk, or talk with an exaggerated lisp. The tail-ender is exactly that, so they should move the junction marker on once they arrive, this also ensures there is no confusion as to who is the rear bike. If anyone drops out of the group the tail-ender will stop with them and find out what is going on. If there is a problem he will get in touch with the leader, or if they are just stopping for a wizz will wait with them so the marker stays in place at the next junction.

The result is that NOBODY has to worry about getting lost. Even if you can see nobody ahead of you, you know that they'll be waiting at the next junction. Everybody rides at their own rate, nobody has to peddle harder than they want to.
It works brilliantly and means that a group with widely differing skills and experience can travel well together.

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