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What do we do?
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The Arrival

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What do we do?

A normal weekend would shape up like this:

You will make your own way down to the Chateau in order to arrive here on the Thursday or Friday afternoon depending on the dates you have chosen. The best route is an overnight ferry from Portsmouth which will get you into Le Havre, Caen or Cherbourg early in the morning. You then have all day to ride down here at a relaxed pace.

The next FOUR days are all about riding. Departure is on morning of ther 5th day following your arrival.

The roads we will be riding are very scenic, but will also cater for the most demanding road-rider. It is a very intense motorcycling experience. We will ride in the morning for 1 to 2 hours and stop for a coffee break, another 2 hours or so and lunch, a coffee stop in the afternoon and then back home.  200 miles altogether. Over the four days you will ride three different circuits but all will be approximately 200 miles long and we will aim to be back home by around 17h30

We use the "drop-off" system when on the road (see "How we ride"), so nobody ever gets lost and everybody can ride at their own pace with no pressure to ride at a rate that they don't feel comfortable with, nor have to plod along at the rate of the slowest rider. 

If you haven't ridden in France before you'll be amazed at the welcome you'll receive from the people here. Policemen will wave (you down....), traffic will be light and will be trying to help you wherever possible by getting out of your way; the myth of the little café terrace, in the middle of nowhere, where we stop to take on coffee and water and to regale each other with our tales of derring-do is TRUE! There'll be lots of coffee stops, lunch in a little local restaurant and more stops in the afternoon. You'll come home to the Chateau tired, but with your eyes popping out of your head, ready for the next day's roads. You'll park the bike up and grab a cold beer, before hitting the showers in preparation for dinner and another round of "Did you see me when.....?"

Dinner!  People have complained that I haven't said enough about the FOOD!!!  So here goes: It's French, 4 courses, plus the aperitif (and nibbles), wine and/or beer included. All the cooking is done by me (still in leathers) and my sensational cook/much-better-half, Violette. 100% French she rules the kitchen like a kitchen ruler and always seems to have just a hint of flour in the lock of hair that falls provocatively across her eyes... The dishes are prepared with seasonal vegetables and therefore change all the time through the year. We go to a lot of trouble to put really interesting and challenging foods on the table so make sure you finish it ALL or we get very upset. You WILL try new things when you're down here and you WILL enjoy them. Don't forget,  I hale from the Basil Fawlty school of hostelry. 

Seriously though chaps, steady on!